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Upcoming or recent talks and appearances

Nov 14 2023: The Critic and Her Publics, with Merve Emre. The Shapiro Center at Wesleyan University.

Nov 12 2023: Public reading, with Maggie Millner. Housing Works. New York. 

Nov 11 2023: Faculty Seminar on Literary Theory. Columbia University, New York.

Sept 25 2023: Keynote lecture, Influence: 50 Years On. Oxford University, Oxford.

May 19 2023: Keynote lecture. Keats Conference, London.

May 18 2023Tenso: A Dialogue on Love, with Stephanie LaCava. Camden Art Centre, London.

May 18 2023: Public lecture, Kings College London.

Mar 24 2023: Susan Manning Memorial Lecture, University of Edinburgh.

Feb 25 2023: Rachel Comey x NYRB reading + book drive, Los Angeles.

Feb 14 2023: Tenso: A Dialogue on Love, with Stephanie LaCava. 2200 Arts + Archives, Los Angeles. More information here.

Feb 8 2023: John Ruskin Lecture, University of Notre Dame.

Nov 9 2023: Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Studies seminar, Cambridge University. 

Nov 8 2022: UK launch for Keats's Odes, Keats House, London.

Nov 5 2022: Public talk and reading, Perdu/Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, Amsterdam.

Nov 2 2022: "Keats and Calamity" symposium, New York University. More information here.

July 8-9 2022: Roundtable participant, The Shelley Conference, Keats House Museum, London.

April 27 & 28 2022: Reading from Keats' Odes and writing workshop, University of St. Andrews.

April 27 2022: Keep the Channel Open. Listen here.

April 2 2022: Guest speaker, Structured Liberal Education Program, Stanford University.

Mar 16 2022: Public lecture, Dept of English, Brown University.

Feb 14 2022: First Draft: A Dialogue on Writing. Listen here.

Nov 14 2021: Writing workshop in Experimental Criticism, Wendy's Subway. More information here.

Oct 20 2021: Nineteenth-Century Forum, University of Michigan. More information here.

Sept 2 2021: Keynote talk at Sensational Ecologies postgraduate summer school, University of Sussex. More information here.

Aug 12 2021: Open Source with Christopher Lydon. Listen here.

June 12 2021: The Drunken Odyssey. Listen here.

June 11 2021: New Books Network. Listen here.

May 26 2021: Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Atlantic Cultures Workshop, University of Chicago. More information here

Mar 27 2021: Life Elsewhere, with Norman B. Listen here.

Mar 18 2021: Open Source with Christopher Lydon. Listen here.

Mar 9 2021: In conversation with Zoe Kazan, 192 Books/PCG Studio. Watch here

Mar 3 2021: By the Book: Smart Talk with Chicago Authors, a conversation on Keats's Odes with Srikanth Reddy. Register here.

Feb 23 2021: The Virtual Memories Show with Gil Roth. Listen here.

Write On! Radio. Listen here.

Feb 19 2021: Discussion of Keats's Odes, Theory and Media Studies Colloquium, Yale University. More information here.

Feb 14 2021: History of Literature podcast with Jacke Wilson. Listen

here and here.

Feb 11 2021: Discussion of Keats's Odes, ECLS research seminar, University of Warwick.

Nov 23 2020: Discussion of The Calamity Form, Centre for Poetic Innovation, Universities of Dundee and St. Andrews

Nov 12 2020: A reading from Keats's Odes, sponsored by the Poetry and Poetics and ResVic reading groups at the University of Pennsylvania

Oct 28 2020Thinking Literature series launch, featuring authors Andrea Gadberry and Dora Zhang. Watch here.

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