Upcoming or recent talks and appearances

Mar 9 2021: In conversation with Zoe Kazan, 192 Books/PCG Studio. Watch here

Mar 3 2021: By the Book: Smart Talk with Chicago Authors, a conversation on Keats's Odes with Srikanth Reddy. Register here.

Feb 23 2021: The Virtual Memories Show, with Gil Roth. Listen here.

Write On! Radio. Listen here.

Feb 19 2021: Discussion of Keats's Odes, Theory and Media Studies Colloquium, Yale University. More information here.

Feb 14 2021: History of Literature podcast, with Jacke Wilson. Listen

here and here.

Feb 11 2021: Discussion of Keats's Odes, ECLS research seminar, University of Warwick.

Nov 23 2020: Discussion of The Calamity Form, Centre for Poetic Innovation, Universities of Dundee and St. Andrews

Nov 12 2020: A reading from Keats's Odes, sponsored by the Poetry and Poetics and ResVic reading groups at the University of Pennsylvania

Oct 28 2020: Thinking Literature series launch, featuring authors Andrea Gadberry and Dora Zhang. Watch here.

Oct 25 2020: Interview with Rebecca Ariel Porte, Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

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